Monday, March 15, 2010

Play Room On-goings

This last week has been a paint swirling whirlwind of room face-lift extravaganza. Dustan and Betsy have thrust their stake in the ground here at our home. (almost quite literally). Sawing, cutting, scraping, gluing, painting, climbing... this may as well have been OUR very own clubhouse. After several nights of working until crazy hours (for this old bag of bones anyway) and going to bed intoxicated by paint vapors, and tripping over ladders to get there- we have nearly finished this fantasy world of a room for our kids!! Just wanted to throw some of our recent pics up on the screen so everyone we ditched to get this done feels a sense of "at least it wasn't for nothin' ..."
And now, ... everyone can come and PLAY!!!
And if you're wondering if my kids are in their underwear.... well, yes, - they are. But it's actually their costume of choice as of late if that makes it any better. You can't show off all your bulging muscles in a shirt, and apparently you are not a true warrior unless you have bum-hugging shorts to wear while practicing moves. So- don't let the white, pastey, lanky legs and barely-there chests subtract from the world we created for these little muscles to live in. Look at the walls! Look at the TREEHOUSE!! Look at the stage!!! (complete with chalkboard paint for drawing their own backgrounds....)


At 11:04 AM , Blogger Linda said...

I love your blog! And look forward to the day Chris and Tarah and the rest of our brood settle down and bless us with grandkids. Until then I'll just enjoy other peoples little ones!


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