Friday, January 12, 2007

Painting ....

Since Jackson doesn't understand the purpose of his smock, ... we've taken the opposite route.

12th Night Party

We were invited to this fantastic "12th night party" that our eccentric neighbor friends, Joseph and Kelley were throwing. I think we met the entire Ren Faire Cast and Crew there and have decided to spend the rest of our lives wearing mideval style dress. J/K (for now)

If you're reading this and recognize this skirt... laugh with me.

Happy Birthday Mr Emerson.... Happy Birthday to you

We celebrated Em's first b-day this past Tues with friends and neighbors, Keith and Karri Hemmig. Daughter, Lina, turned 2 on Thurs.

(Is it a sign of sickness that I actually think the picture of him wailing his head off is the best one? )