Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey Grandma and Grandpa Knapp!

Jackson, sticking his face in the water and demonstrating a "float" technique.

Emerson- clinging to the wall.

The boys are doing really well in their swim lessons: they've had 2 so far and Jackson is already almost floating all by himself. He is learning to concentrate and Emerson is learning to trust. Em is a bit more cautious in the water and I call it a success when I know he's been brave enough to try something new.


I love fat babies in skin-tight jammies.

The greatest cupcakes I've ever made....

Thanks to my brother, Dan, who indulged my pastry chef dreams over Christmas by buying me 2 cupcake cookbooks, the birthday cupcakes of a life-time were born. (Happy b-day to Emerson... may your teeth not rot until your well past the age of 94)

Here they are in the making:

Winter in Wisconsin

Negative three is the high temperature for today's broadcast. But aside from the frigid potential for frostbite upon walking out the back door for 4 minutes, there are some beautiful sites on the lake during the coldest of the cold seasons: