Thursday, August 30, 2007

Domesticating Kids... one toddler at a time...

Lina: "Do you think she's going to make us eat it for lunch?"
Jackson: I don't know- just pretend that you've still got some finishing touches to make..."

Jackson: " Thank heavens! It was all just a game! Lina, you missed a spot...."
Lina: " I'm getting the job done... I suggest you get your nose back in the bubbles - or she REALLY might make us eat the soup. Sheesh! "

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Leaving next Friday

Getting ready for our annual get-away to Green Lake with the church. *SO* incredibly excited as I've been flipping thru notes from years past. The purpose: to remember what God has said/ done, to celebrate the things he is doing and to be refreshed with vision for what He is going to do....
And a great opportunity to jet-ski.

Kids are staying home this trip with Grandma and Grandpa Knapp. Makes it more exciting... we get to stay up past 7PM. :) and mom and dad get to go to bed at 7PM... should they decide a day or 2 with the boys requires a little more sleep than normal.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dum-dums for the Smarties

These little "cavities on a stick", as Wilbur Wonka would say, are the mouth parties my kids get when coaxing them into the car from an uber-great park, adventurous trail we've discovered laiden with bumblebees eating nectar, crab-apples and random nature-bred weapons. They also serve as special rewards for bravery: facing nameless doctors and bizarre cast wrapping practices. I keep a minimum of 4 in my purse at all times, should an unpredictable abrasion become too unbearable or a see-saw too hard to part with.
I know in many ways these little suckers can be viewed as bribery sticks or crutches for the kids-- but for being dum-dums... I think they're pretty smart.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Take the Challenge....

Emerson has taken on the physical challenge (Nickelodeon) of becoming a lefty-- and Jackson is working on becoming an artist...
PS-- Thanks for the lollipops!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Back from the Ortho Surg office...

So* it started with Emerson's over-sensitive nature suddenly becoming ultra-sensitive. Every time he would fall, slip, bang, bump, alligator tears would spring out of his ducts and onto the floor ** I curse myself for putting him in a time-out for "throwing fits".
Yesterday, as I was leading his arm into the shirt sleeve, he cringed and cried. Suddenly realizing that his wrist was tender to the touch I compared it to his left wrist. Inflammation. The kind that baby chub can hide for a couple of days. No bruising, no blood. Just swollen and tender to the touch.
Took him to the pediatrician today. Then the radiologist. Then talked to the pediatrician again for results. Then to the orthopedic surgeon on call. Then to the radiologist again. And 4 different waiting rooms (in 3 different buildings) in between. Talk about getting creative! At one point we were playing "sleepy time" on the floor.... and having total tickle rampages. No one would have known that this cheery little boy was there to see the doc about his irreversably fractured right wrist.

"4-6 weeks, no water and no strenuous activity. Sleep with his arm elevated, and have him in this sling as much as possible ", said the Doctor on call.
"Kids don't ever stay in these slings... ", said the nurse on my way out the door, "... good luck trying though... and certainly dont' ever, ... EVER let them go to sleep with that sling on. It's a fatal accident waiting to happen. " and with a sympathetic smile waved us on to the next phase of our lives:

2 green lollipops, 6 stickers, 3 pieces of gum, 14 bubbles, 1 blue cast and dinosaur sling, 1 follow up appnt, 60 giggles and 4 tears later- I plopped Emerson down in his car seat, weaved this clunky arm into a strap on his seat and began to drive home. Wasn't too long before I noticed he fell asleep with the sling on.
Here's the pics... you can send him lollipops if you feel so inclined. I already wanted to buy out dairy queen for the excellently high spirits he had today.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Play date with Lina

Lina is our lovely friend whose been make a guest star appearance at the Knapp residence on a more consistent basis recently. Jackson *loves* hanging out with this adventurous yet feminine little fairy. I see them being "considerate" 2 year olds and it makes me want to whip out my camera. Aside from their innate sense of prefering one another, there is a playfulness I love watching in Jackson when there is someone in his peer group that gets the same jokes and tries the same stunts. Lina: Gosh, we love you.