Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spontanity still counts for something...

We decided to take a last minute trip up to Madison (a mere 2 hour hop skip and jump away) to see Brian on his business excersion that happens every couple of months.

Here is the evidence that we do, infact, do things sometimes on a whim-- and proof that my calendar does not wear the pants in the family (always)

At the zooooo and powder fight at the hotel.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Brian and I have been talking recently about how incredible it is that we live blocks from a white soft-sand beach and Beach park. On any given day, when plans for the family haven't previously been planned out for the family, we can grab a few beach towels and a set of car keys and know that we're going to have low cost, messy adventure.

A couple of pics:

Friday, July 20, 2007

Each of us Got a Little Charlie Chaplin inside...

You've GOT to click on these pics to get the large version... they're so much funnier up close.

After our afternoon at the library and beach... we were heading in to unwind... when Emerson spotted WATER in the pool. Jackson can't let Emerson dare to do something without out doing his efforts.
Soaked down to the diapers. Suckers and all.

Permission to have spontaneous, messy fun... granted.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Emerson's Many Hats...

Don't take the head-band one too seriously... infact, dont' take any of them seriously.

The induction of Thomas into the family...

Jackson has gradually been captivated with a certain little train.

The first time I noticed his affection for Thomas was when Jack insisted that Thomas eat with us...

Thomas was positioned next to Jackson's bowl, and told (by Jack) to eat his food: "Do it, Thomas. Eat." When Thomas refused to eat what was before him, Jackson told him he was being "dis-bedient" and said it was time for a "spankin"

After Thomas received his spanking at the dinner table for being disobedient, Jackson kissed his face and said: "It's okay, Thomas."

Thomas still didn't eat the food... but Jackson had certainly set forward a message of who was in authority in the relationship.

This train baffles me as a mom. We've gotten the dvd from the library and there is nothing remotely action packed in these episodes... and the facial expression are definitely lacking - but my kids (and apparently nationwide kids) LOVE this train.

We have a chalk drawn picture of him on our porch - since it's all Jackson wants to look at lately.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i SpY ....

I spy:
A snowman in July, a pricetag and a saw
4 farm cows and a yellow tennis ball.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Our camera mysteriously vanished after our first day on the road to New England....and admittedly we didn't make much of an effort to retrieve it, save rummageing thru a couple bags of packed gear... so as a result we have very few pictures from our trip out east. Jackson and I did our best to make a portrait of our time there. And a few pics of our car ride out were salvaged.