Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chef Jack

He literally takes part in 90% of my work in the kitchen... so we decided to break out Brian's old culinary outfit and let Jackson wear the "chef's hat" when he cooks/ bakes. He takes his job very seriously.

Brian and the bundled boys spending a slow-paced Saturday after our series of storms.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Emerson's Support of New England Sports

The Updated Arbor...

For those of you keeping tabs on Brian's progress with this arbor project...

Back down to earth...

Emerson's first taste of egg-nogg.


We've been a-wall as a family, seemingly, since shortly before Thanksgiving. But I'm checking in to fill in the timewarp.
Currently we're gearing up as a fam to head out to New England for our Garnett/O'Meara/Knapp family Christmas. Yep, ... we're driving. Just a brief explanation for anyone who thinks we'll inevitable be checking into a pyche-ward after our trip (or somewhere along the way): We really like it. I mean, sure, there are the occasional moments of car-sickness, tantrum throwing, over-tired whining (from me??) and numb-bum syndrome-- but all in all, we love taking adventures as a family. I love the closed in spaces and eye to eye contact during conversation. It's the one time we lift the boundary lines a bit and all sleep in one bed if need be- and swim in indoor pools and eat "treats" way after a designated sugar limit hour. All the while, it says: "This is how much we love mim and papa and grandma and grampa. We love them SOOOO much that we spend 12- 20 hours to show up slightly disheveled on their doorstep.
So from thanksgiving in Nebraska, to Christmas in New England- we're all over the map. Here's some pics from out west.
<<>> A very surprised me (having called our baby to be "Eve" or "Evelyn" for the last 4 months) is very thrilled to throw another fantastic ball of testosterone into the knapp mix. (I'm not even being the slightest bit sarcastic)

Taking a little car-ride ... (check out the watermelon trident gum- I can't believe he kept it in his mouth!!)

Jackson's new winter apparel-- boots and Thomas underpants (He officially starting dooking on the potty at Grandmas' house. I know, most readers will think it's a little "tmi" - but we're all about milestone news.) Grandpa Ed graciously allowed Emerson to wear out his hat. ** Em is a hat-man. Loves them.

Eating peanuts... Watching a Thomas movie for the 32nd time....