Friday, April 27, 2007

A little bit of Em... a little bit of Jack... mix well.

Littly Italy

Celebrating Jamies return home from a trip to Italy and England: toasting the great gifts you can find in an airport... ( you can actually pond them off as the genuine article from a foreign country and justifiably so...)

Pics follow suit top left: Sheila, Jamie, Megan, Linds and Julia.

Cabinets Part 2

The room that used to essentially be the mud-room, craft-room, tool catching net, laundry room, camping gear room, pantry, random storage catch all room has been uniquely transformed into... the same thing! But with all the storage space you actually need for a room to be that multi-faceted! Thanks DAD!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have a friend with 3 boyish boys who lives in New Hampshire. She tempers my insanity back to normal when the signals start reading "off the charts". www.myspace. ELISA-ROCK -THE-POWER-TOOLS LEAVITT

Recently implenting one of her Time User Techniques. Boys had a blast- And our floor got clean.

Thanks Elisa.


I think this is a good look for Em... we definitely feel like it brought out a different side of his personality... a little more "primitive rock"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What to do... What to do...

Well, we decided to brave the weather today (at least for awhile considering Jackson's cold)

On the agenda...

Plant Day Lillies- *check

Dig holes to find earth worms- *check (we found 2... a baby worm and a "daddy worm", Jackson informed me)

Re-build rock wall- *check

Pick up trash and sticks in the yard- *check

Swings, Cabinets, Easter Delights

This past weekend, Mom and Dad Knapp were in town for Easter weekend: So many changes happen when they come to town. Empty yards turn into play areas... old free-for-all rooms turn into functional works spaces, dinners turn into shmorgasborgs of delectable foods...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Break me out of this dang box!

So... it be a fib to say that I felt like our days were always exciting and adventurous, ... especially with the hand that the weather has dealt to us - even here in our April days.

SO* aside from future plans to get the kids out in the yard with a new swingset- we've had to find creative ways to invert our surroundings into a play-yard and hands-on museum.

This morning we excavated a twin mattress from storage and found heights to jump off of into the safety zone fo a man-made plush pit. And we fingerpainted with shaving cream. Endless fun. Somewhere on the inside, despite being impressed with my ability to find something new in a house we have stared at for winter months - I am still screaming... "God, come on with the weather!"