Thursday, August 31, 2006

Brotherly Love

Jackson scooted up alongside Emerson to snuggle before bed. He was feeling extra cuddly- hence the pic of him playing with my hair.
Having a 2 yr old has it's benefits. Slave hair playing.
AND... speaking of HAIR~ Mim has a vibrant new look!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Homegroup @ Prichard Park - and Captain Diaper Head

Homegroups merge for a grillin sensation! Had you been here with us, you would have noted the fall wind blowing thru- teasing and tempting us in this last week of August. With our GreenLake trip just around the bend, we got together to (for the women) enjoy each others company and (for the men) make a big fire.

Did you happen to notice how I used my double stroller as an accessory... Someboday save me.

And ofcouse, as promised... Capt Diaper Head. Self initiated by Jackson

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Boys in Overalls

I love that Jackson and Emerson can't decide yet what they want to wear... because that means they HAVE to wear the adorable overalls that I love to see them scuff around the house in.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Birthday Shenanigans

Wesley Birdsall celebrated his 2nd birthday this week. Though the power outage nearly controlled our get-together plans with friends, we OVERCAME!
Thank God for friends who are easy and find humor in the ups and downs of life.
A few pics of our friends, and my first attempt at a choo-choo train cake,... and ofcourse! Of Wesley eating the cake!
Happy Birthday Wesley.

More pics to come.... (Including Karri in her new b-day hat!!)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Ventures

Check out my new site for new avenues... more to come. I would appreciate your referral if you know anyone looking to do a fabulous event (company parties included)


Check this out. Jim and cousin Luke-- Emerson and Papa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

odds and ends

bbq with Chef Lane-- Ribs with magic sauce

- reunion with bff from highschool- Tallie, the uncles and Em,

Car Craze

For all who didn't know... from here to New Hampshire is 17.5 hours.
These kids rock.


Jackson and Emerson took full advantage of their hotel stays.
On the way home, we stayed over in Cleveland and were able to see our friends Joel and Jess Miller with son Jude.
Jack and Jude are close in age- and were instant buddies.

Blueberry Season in Maine

In light of Maine's fresh blueberry harvest-- Here is a recipe for a fantastic appetizer.

2/3 Cup fresh blue berries, 1 T lemon juice, 1/2 tspn cinnamon, 2 T sugar, 10 sheets phyllo dough, 8oz wheel of brie cheese, canola cooking spray.

In a small bowl combine b.berries and lemon juice, cinn and sugar. Toss to evenly coat. Place phyllo dough sheets in a stack on a baking sheet. Place wheel of brie in the center of the stack. Spoon b.berrie mixture ontop of the cheese. Fold edges of phyllo dough over the top of the cheese one sheet at a time. Spray with cooking spray between each sheet. Bake brie @ 375' for 25 mins until dough is lightly browned. Serve immediately

(you can also do this with cherries and almonds... )

Portland Get Away

The pic of the city bay is our view from our hotel room.
The old port was full of summer tourist bums (like us) and ofcourse the locals. We wanted an authentic experience in this still productive port city. Dinner at J's Oysters (the view of the boats was taken where we sat outside while dining) Scallops in a honey butter sauce, lobsters, and steamers later-- we still had room for dessert and coffee at MIMS- a posh resturant on the corner.
MIMs was named so in leux of the owners Grandmother. Apparently "mim" is Russian for grandmother (mom, you're not off kilter at all to be called such a thing)
We took a survey test while waiting for our breakfast at Becky's diner (hole in the wall place serving the best breakfast in town)-- and I found out how seriously uneducated I am. I copied down the names of all the people that I didn't know so I could research when I got home. See if you know any of these famous historics:
And if you do-- don't rub it in.
George Carlin - Erma Bombeck - Andy Rooney - John Locke - Henry Cabot Lodge - Groucho Marx - Jack Benny - Maurice Chevalier - Gloria Steinem - Lewis Carroll- Lee LaCocca- Charles Wadsworth- A.A. Milne - Lillian Hellman - William Gladstone - Katherine Piper - WC Fields - Robert Orben - Zach Rand

The Women of New England

Heather and Amelia- lovingly referred to by Heather as "minny me"-- no one begs to differ. She is an exact replica of Heathers baby pictures -- to a scary tee. Granna and Auntie Lo who helped us out on picture day.

The Men of New England

My favorite pic is the guy group pic. I belong to a seriously good looking family. And I love that my dad is sitting in the center of his sons and his sons sons.
Love you Dad. Love you brothers.

Jack and the Pool

"Jack and the pool", "jack and the tent"... too bad we just don't have a beanstalk anywhere close at hand.

I think if we wanted to, we could set up our tent in the backyard and let Jackson live there. He totally dug the tent at Mim and Papas. His home away from home.