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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5 things to do when your held hostage in hotel living....

Just to clarify, we have been living in our home for the last two weeks- but due to the overwhelming response of deep sighing and pitiful looks I received when I told my friends that our family was being relocated to a hotel for a week, I've decided to journal our adventure and encourage anyone out there that thinks hotels with small children are the equivalent of dangling your toes over hell's flames.

We had a blast! Don't go too upscale, or you'll be panicing the entire time- just something moderate will do the trick. Anything novel is exciting. Our kids favorite part (aside from having the pool to ourselves 24/7 was the continental breakfast room!) Jackson couldn't wait to go to sleep so that he could wake up and "have fruit loops and a bowl and milk and a spoon and a cup and juice?! PLEEEEEEase!!!???" Some itches aren't hard to scratch at all.
#1 Read the Dictionary - front to back. This activity held Emerson over for about 14 minutes and then I couldn't understand anything that his far superior brain was trying to communicate with me, so I took the dictionary away and burned it. jk. I didn't burn it.

#2 Go for a swim!- We literally swam at least 2xs a day- and began to feel like we were parenting whales.

EAT OUT. It's not something we do often, so among getting to know what we need to work on with our kids table manners in public places, ... we stuffed our faces with food that SOMEONE ELSE made and come "home" to a room that SOMEONE ELSE cleaned.
#4 Play-place escapes. God Love Mcdonalds for the forum that they care enough to create. What else could we have done on a rainy day? Okay, maybe a hundred things... but it served its purpose and I was thankful.
#5 Pack picnic lunches and head to the park. ** Sorry, its getting late for this pregnant lady, and I'm running on low-wit. (In fact, I just changed the title of this post to 5 things to do from 10) I guess you all will just have to get creative. WAIT! That can be #6... Get creative.

Attempting to celebrate...

I flopped this year. I'm no idealist, but I *do* have something in my heart that really believes people should be celebrated. Birthdays seem to be the most opportune time to do that in our busy culture, .... or.... not. for. me.
Pregnancy and temporary relocations, the breathing in and out of company and the fact that we are too old, and our kids are too young can all justify reasons why we didn't do much this month to celebrate 3 out of 5 of the birthdays in our immediate family, but truth be told, I just don't have a handle on planning for these things yet. And I'm learning that I'm not great at "throw it together last minute" kind of stuff. Blah. So, although there were no streamers, people jumping out of cakes, or bouncy castles, here's the birthday announcements for this month.
Ryland David, age 1

First cupcake, ... first beard.

Lindsay's Birthday Celebration (age 29) at ztrocadero brunch with a stash of great people:

And lastly, Brian's birthday cake which was neither made nor consumed on his birthday. (He left for business trip on the morning of his actual b-day... so we stumbled thru a celebration after he got home :