Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Josh and Bethany

The Taylors were in town for a short time and our worlds purposefully collided. Along with nate and dana, we met for a 4 hour reunion in Schaumberg. Most unlikely story- after not seeing each other for over 5 years, Dana and Bethany show up wearing the same shirt.


Mum's day...

Spent the morning taking the boys to a new park. I know that there are "traditions" for families on mothers day... but we just wanted to be alone together. Been recovering from our spring colds and it was time to get some fresh air. (Sometimes fresh air is the very best thing for the soul- even though your mucus membranes will embark on a never ending marathon down your face- nostril to lip).
By way of picture, you'll find that the boys have very different fashions of play--- Jackson is the climbing adventure seeker-- while Em tends to stay on the outskirts-- somewhere with a stick in the sand.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Summer Style

You've got to check out this rad hand-made handbag site

These bags are going to get you thru summer in style! I love them... and super cheap!

Aside from being gifts themselves,...

The boys worked with Sheila to create the ultra-birthday-cookie for me on my birthday.
Sheila said they thought it was play-dough.... but it sure tastes nice!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Developing Emerson

It's official. He's quirky. He likes wearing this ratty old hat and squeezing himself behind the piano... and he pretends he's having an epileptic seizure from time to time.... and he's funny inlove with this mechanical praying bear.

What can I say?

What's New...

well for starts: check out my dear friends new site : Joey and Nikki (God love them) Papa are proud parents of

And we've been up to a couple of home projects... Will post more as things progress.