Thursday, March 29, 2007


It's a new game: How many belts and bags can we loop around the neck. I'm observing more and more that Jackson is taking a new pride in his own strength (as many boys will at this age) - but I love seeing it emerge. It's just a matter, now, of teaching him what all this strength is for... and what it is not for. (Sitting on Emerson's head)

Gampa comes to town

Don recently came to town to help Brian with a couple of side-jobs. We loved having him here- the boys especially. Waking every morning, the first words I heard them say were "Gampa? Where are you?" Low and behold, he was waiting at the bottom of the stairs every morning, dressed and ready to go- weather channel on- giving my kids something genuinely to smile about.

We love you dad and are sooo thankful for each secret and surprising blessing you bring to our home.

Kids can't wait to hug you again!

Friday, March 23, 2007


Yep, .. it's hit our house like a storm... the "Whaaaassuuuuppp!" phrase. Dear friends Bryan and Deanna have left their fingerprints on Emerson- who growls this phrase EVERY DAY.

Had a fantastic time with these guys. These are pics of the whole crew playing with a set of wooden instruments that Deanna picked up for the boys. Taken prior to our house march each of us playing our elected instrument of choice- I had the clapper.
Oh, yeah- it doesn't get more free than this.

The Power of Sheila

She brings out a rare feature in Jackson--
He simply LOVES her boots. He begs her relentlessly every time she's got them on to let him wear them and walk around in them.
Just to tag onto that- he also loves guns, sticks, steak, and fire. So-- there's no confusion here... he's all boy. He's just been sheilatiated.

So different...

It's a reality that keeps me scratching my head in wonder...

My children, though they share some very similar boyish tendencies, are altogether different souls.

When I calculate backwards that they both came from the same type of origin- I am seriously baffled. Is each sperm really that different? Each egg?


These are pictures of Jack and Em's free play time. I went in to check on them and found them both contentedly amused in their own corners... in their own ways.

Jack "building" a house, utilizing every spare piece of furniture and blankets and pillows and stuffed anything.... Em- reading a single book.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cooking up a frenzie@!

Yes, ... yes.

He is very amusing.

Can we fix it... yes we can!!

Jackson is entering a new phase in life whereby he is attempting to build instead of breakdown. I am entirely too proud... and a bit relieved that he may not have been born with a demolition destiny attached to his life.

Here's the proof.

Love these guys...

Some recent pics....