Friday, March 27, 2009

Community Garden 2009

Our family has recently come into a great opportunity to participate in our friends community garden! I'm stoked to try my hand at canning this summer and love that we're working the dirt with other families to produce healthy, savvy veg. Jackson and Emerson have already helped me draw up plans for what they want to grow in our garden: corn, tomatoes, carrots, peas, beans, cucumbers, and strawberries...

This is also our first opportunity to teach the boys about money and tithing and saving! We'll be helping them manage their piggy-banks as they earn their first bling by weeding, watering and caring for our garden.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Closet doors, spring breaks and baby fat.

Check out the color Brian painted the closet doors in my new office. It makes me want to order bubblegum icecream by the pound. James and Britt came out to catch their breath over spring break. Enjoyed 4 relaxing days of body slamming the boys, wrestling, sleeping in until 6:30 am and all the amenities of the Knapp B&B (legos under their pillows and crayons in their socks)
All in all we had a fantastic time watching these college kids brave the big world of child-rearing. Good job guys! We miss you.

And this, ... well- it's just too edible to exclude. I want to chomp those shoulders to shreds.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Most of you may know...

In addition to our strapping chaps: Jack, Emerson, and Ryland we are expecting baby Knapp #4!!

So- good thing we have a big bath-tub??

As of late....

Our homegroup recently sent us away on a scavenger surprise: Overnite, all-inclusive trip!! We dined like kings, spent the evening at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee and enjoyed a gourmet breakfast to the symphony of snowfall outside. On top of luxury, we came home to a spic-n-span house and kids completely cared for. Check out the website of the hotel!