Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall fashion

I realize these trends have been outstanding for years- but they're new in this house. I generally steer clear in my own preference from hero icons and the latest cartoon references- but Tracey just handed us down some of Gabe's old clothes and the Superman paraphenelia is like body glue on Jackson now. There's no going back. Emerson isn't nearly as enthralled with iconic things- but he's been sporting these 99 cent sunglasses that Grandma and Grampa Knapp bought for him as if the Blues were in his blood.
I, admittingly, quite enjoy our dress-up times.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Laying in Pages

I feel nearly too embarrassed to post these pics... but felt compelled to take the pictures anyway.

After a day of flightly flu-ish symptoms (for me), I put Jackson up in his room for daily Quiet/ Nap time... while I rested a bit and got my bearings.

It didnt' take long for me to realize that this was neither a quiet NOR a nap time after hearing elephant-like stomping upstairs-- but too weary and ill to discipline (dont' judge me)... I let him have a hoopla of Jackson fun until his time was up.

When I opened the door ... this is what I found: A passed out Jackson laying amidst all his destruction. With a deep sigh, I closed the door- and waited for Brian to come home. Taking care of your possessions has always been blood in Brian's veins...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The framework

Jerry and Brian finished the framework prior to us going to Green Lake. Will keep updating as progress is made.


This is the room we are building for the Racine church launch (October 7th). This room is huddled inside Treasures Bookstore- a christian bookstore, warehouse, and cafe run by our friends, the Blooms.

The drywall has just finished being hung-- and Brian is spending most his free evenings now-- mudding and taping the rest of the drywall so that it can get painted. It's looking great guys!

Sweetest Corn at the end of the Summer

Sheila brought us the farmers market latest pickins and we had our first fam bbq on the beginnings of a newly finished deck. (It's not finished - just beginning to finish)


Green Lake was relaxing and refreshing; it's like going on vacation with your 178 closest friends. Snyders bring a honking batch of fresh salsa, die-hard card games and volley ball reek havik thru the weekend, jeetskiing and swimming, Stricker kids have a free pass all weekend to stay up until midnight, ... and in the midst of it all you can jump in or find solitude in woodsy trail or under a tree. Charles Simpson rocked out with messages on transgenerational church and a prophetic call to awaken. Highlights for me: Time with Biggers, going back for seconds on the ice-cream buffet, time with Carmen and seeing a doe and her fawn, sleeping in, and a swimming hole Jamie and I found that you have to climb a tree down to get to.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gromit and Grandma

While we were away this weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Knapp learned every line (backwards and forwards) from the kids latest fav: Wallace and Gromit.
Impressions of Wallace drench our table conversation as Emerson shakes compulsively with fists held high and strains every muscle in his body saying "Cheeeeeeeeeeese, Gromit!" and Jackson replies with a hearty shout: "CRACKERS! WE FORGOT THE CRACKERS!!"
Great job Grams and Gramps for bearing thru 8 thousand trips to the cheese-made moon.