Thursday, September 02, 2010

So looooong Suckers!!

So, our oldest son, Jackson- (age 5) started Kindergarten this year. Like any mother I felt a certain level of responsibility to walk him thru all the emotions that might come with such a huge transition. I would find myself probing for emotions leading up to the actual day; I'd say things like :"So, ... how are feeling about school?..." Jack: "Good." Period. The end. Nothing further. And I didn't want to MAKE UP emotions for him to feel, ... I just wanted to help him process them.

Well, the day DID come- and Jackson looked ready: Lunchbox, back-pack, clean outfit, new socks, and some shiney Iron man velcro shoes. (I was pining for the blue canvas LEVI sneakers- but Iron Man won out, ... )

Brian was gearing up the car to take him the 14 minute drive across town, and I wanted one last hug- which Jack obliged. I sat on the couch waving as he walked out the backdoor, ... then in one last swoop - he opened the door, gave an exaggerated-hearty wave and shouted: "SO LOOOOONG SUCKERS!!!" and quickly vanished.

I laughed so hard I almost left a wet spot on the couch. Here I am, prepared to comfort a sullen child- ,... not once did I really prepare myself for the kid who takes it by the horns. That's our Jack- taking life by the horns.

Bigger Pictures

Had the Bigger Munchkins pay us a visit while in town recently. Man, alive. Love those kids- sweet enough to eat!