Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week of Birthday Bliss

Jackson turned 4 on October 26th. I know to many of my readers, that sentence is nothing more than information. But to me-- that sentence falls like a hammer. We just breathed our way thru 4 years and he is entering a scope of life with friends and social functions and hand-eye-coordination. I love knowing this boy. For those of you who don't, nutshelling a description of his personality will do no justice. But proud moms always attempt anyway:

Jackson needs daily doses of tickle-juice in order to survive. His expressions are worth wrapping up. Excitement that sings soprano, and giggles like the sprinkles on your favorite cupcake. He's a chef, an engineer, and a bed-hopper. He makes friends better than wallstreet makes money. He begins every morning with a happy hello, asking if I slept well. He protects Ryland and pummels Emerson- but loves them both. He's a champion and a broad avenue of joy in my life.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, it's fractured, actually. Which is sortof how I feel too. I'm not ignorant to testing coming to our lives- in order to produce faith that is of more value than pure-bling-bling-gold...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Any Ol' Saturday

Just getting acclimated to the new season. Nights are increasingly chilly and darkness sets in much sooner. Loving the brisk outside air (before it turns bitter)
We just finished our annual "turn-over"- a day we set aside to boxing up the summer linens and breaking out the fall wools. (I should've taken a picture of our bedroom - peppered heavily in clothing during the organization process.- but we'll leave something to the imagination)
PS- Karri, I have a whole slew of clothes for your first clothing swap party. (Check out Karri's link below to find out about their endeavor to live "simply" for one whole year.)

Jerry Smith's Pumpkin Farm

I love people like Jerry Smith. I don't even know him.

We visited his pumpkin farm on Friday - and thus began my appreciation for the business man with kids on the mind; wide open spaces to run, mazes built out of hay bails, a play yard, and a museum of pumpkins, and Tractor-trailer rides all for FREE- open to the sticky fingered (generally under 4) public.

Highly recommended place to let the lead out.

Octoberfest 2008

Some pics from the Octoberfest party we hosted this past weekend. Great to see scarves and sweaters being sported (as well as the occasionaly winter boot- Karri) GRIN.

Delighted in fantastic food and brilliant brew for the season. Grand times.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Get-Aways and Come-backs

Brian and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last Sunday (the 12th) in Cadillac, MI - during peak foliage.
Betsy, planning to leave our 3 kids with a myriad of other people was probably as complicated as 6 months worth of Appilacian Prep; from the meal plans to survival packs. No, actually it probably doesn't even dust the term "hard-core" comparitively... so, nevermind.
Time with friends, a night out on the town, finding God, listening long enough to actually finish thoughts, and watching Project Runway back to back episodes - guiltlessly. We purposefully didn't bring the laptop, iPod, the cell-phone was lucky to get reception, and we refused to digest any politics ... just a couple of days to live below the noise. ANd you know what!? I remembered how funny Brian is. I felt like Billy Crystal's character in City Slickers when he comes home to his wife and evidences with a big grin that he has indeed found his smile...
** AND
Found a sweet new beer that I like:

Now, coming back was a bit of a shocker. I really felt like I had prepared my mind well enough to engage the fast-pace of life awaiting us. And while the first 10 minutes of tickles and giggles and hugs and kisses and gifts was GREAT... I am still gaining my footing 4 days later. I've decided to give myself a full week.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Marshmallow Madness

Don't need anywords: Our science project for today....

Well, okay. I CAN say something. Like, *when* did I start thinking science wasn't cool? If I could go back in time, ... I'd re-take all my science classes starting with 3rd grade- all the way up thru highschool (except disecting cow eyeballs-- somehow I think that would go *worse* now than it did then). Mrs Inderbitzen, if you ever read this blog- please know that I genuinely *LOVED* chemistry class- (most the time) but was too cool to show it. You are a genius - even if you have a fuzzy upper-lip.

I love having kids- ... it's like taking science class all over again.

Friday, October 03, 2008


1) We made donuts. (Heather, you have to try this recipe-- it holds the white powdered sugar... and kind of tastes like a mini-fried dough but cakey-er)
2) We ate donuts.
3) We made a larger-than-life size spider web in our laundry room and a couple of dancing spiders to boot
4) Terry, the turtle made a guest appearance to help us learn to write the letter t in our cornmeal -
5) I watched Shannon Etheridge on the Today Show- talk about her new book : The Sexually Confident Wife.
** I totally know Shannon, and seeing her on TV is so crazy. She was this lightning bolt in my life that discipled me before she ever wrote her first book. (One that I proof read!!) Anyway- to check out more of her stuff - check out: http://www.shannonethridge.com/