Thursday, November 30, 2006


Dan and Brian had many moments of weird bliss while Dan was out for a visit-- many of which I thought should've been recorded in history books. Well, I didn't get all of them- and it's not the next edition of World History-- but here's a few momentous pics in my book.

Dance off 2006

Really... what COULD be cuter?

Emerson in his regular chipper mood

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Play date with Chloe

Chloe Pingitore was born the day before Jackson, and she is Jackson's most precious friend . She just is. He doesn't see her tons... but he's so careful with her when he does. Here's their most recent play date.

Where we live...

I always seem to forget my cam EVERY family day we have... and actually remembered it this time... however, only succeeded to utilize it on our drive home... never the less, here's some pics of where we live.

Wedding Shananigans

Mary Elizabeth and Josh got hitched this last wednesday- and while Brian spent the day with the boys-- I danced the night away. Pics of Eileen and Tracey-- 2 of my dear friends - some of the most consistent prophetic voices in my life. Toasting the night with Liz my new BFF- (she is such a hoot-- and she's got the most lulling pipes known to this part of the world)... And my dear Kendra Marie-- she's going to be Belle in the next Beauty and the Beast production downtown Milwaukee.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My first event

In decor' world-- I had the opportunity to decorate a table along side my dear friend Megan for a women's banquet.
Here are the results:

Sarah's Arrival

Sarah has come into our family bearing many gifts. One, which we are pleased to say, will truly enhance the lives of each member in this house.
The KnappsWI have long held a tradition to stove top pop our kernels. None of this microwave pop-corn jazz. No, for us, it's the real deal. However, along with this beloved tradition has a come a methodology that I won't exaperate you with at this time. (Alot of rump shaking... alot of rump shaking...)
Now that Sarah lives here-- we will be effortlessly popping our kernels without the rumpshaking methods.
Here's Sarah. We love her dearly.

Friday, November 10, 2006

ode to em.... who is 10 months today


i realized awhile ago that due to the few pics i post of BOTH the boys... some people actually think we've only got one son ....

but here's the proof. Jack with g'pa. Em with g'ma... and happy linz with the dynamic duo.


Well, life is crazed these days--
Pushing thru yet another month of plans and tight schedules. Nothing seemingly new.

The last few days have been weather miracles.
But we're settling in for a cold winter. We recently updated the boiler (well, the men that lived in our basement for 2 weeks did) and are getting our new window project scheduled around Thanksgiving. Have also chosen new paint and Brian finished putting on all new handles and knobs in our kitchen.

Sarah recently moved in as well- so the shifting dynamic in the house has shifted even more. She's the 5 Starbucks barista to live on the premises. We're always wondering why God chooses to bless us with coffee?? Is caffeine just simply required for our life?? Speaking of Starbucks, this happens to be a cool link celebrating Christmas. But you don't have to take my word for it (shout out to Lavar Burton)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sweet Potato Pie and Zupa Toscana

This is the only pic I''m posting from Jack's b-day. Sad, yes-- but honestly all the other pics are of the back of his head as he loses his face in another bag of gifts. None of them turned out fantastically... and truth be told this picture is a little mis-leading anyway. He didn't like the pie. THis was his initial bite-- but wanted nothing to do with after that. Betsy... I almost sent the left overs to you-- but instead I scarfed em down myself.

Closets and Spare Ribs

Brian and Don took on a few fun projects while Grampa and Grandma were in town. Framing custom closets for both the boys bed-rooms and smoking some delicious spare-ribs in Brian's smoker were just a few highlights.

The artist emerges...

Thanks to all the art supplies Jackson received for his birthday-- he's been quite busy trying out all new ways to express himself. Or maybe just figure out the concept of color.

Both the boys are enjoying all the new gear. Lots of thanks to all!

(Heather the building blocks are such a hit!)


We missed Halloween... poor planning, but I'm over it despite the fact that it is probably the only year that we could've used our kids as candy bait before they catch onto the ploy. oh well. If Jackson had trick-o-treated he would've been great at being "Fivel meets Rocky Balboa"
Note the shiner on his left eye.